Command line arguments


maddy - Composable all-in-one mail server.


maddy [options...]


Maddy is Mail Transfer agent (MTA), Mail Delivery Agent (MDA), Mail Submission Agent (MSA), IMAP server and a set of other essential protocols/schemes necessary to run secure email server implemented in one executable.

Command line arguments

-h, -help Show help message and exit.

-config _path_ Path to the configuration file. Default is /etc/maddy/maddy.conf.

-libexec _path_ Path to the libexec directory. Helper executables will be searched here. Default is /usr/lib/maddy.

-log _targets..._ Comma-separated list of logging targets. Valid values are the same as the 'log' config directive. Affects logging before configuration parsing completes and after it, if the different value is not specified in the configuration.

-debug Enable debug log. You want to use it when reporting bugs.

-v Print version & build metadata.