Native NetAuth

maddy supports authentication via NetAuth using direct entity authentication checks. Passwords are verified by the NetAuth server.

maddy needs to know the Entity ID to use for authentication. It must match the string the user provides for the Local Atom part of their mail address.

Note that storage backends conventionally use email addresses. Since NetAuth recommends *nix compatible usernames, you will need to map the email identifiers to NetAuth Entity IDs using auth_map (see documentation page for used storage backend).

auth.netauth also can be used as a table module. This way you can check whether the account exists.

Note that the configuration fragment provided below is very sparse. This is because NetAuth expects to read most of its common configuration values from the system NetAuth config file located at /etc/netauth/config.toml.

auth.netauth {
  require_group "maddy-users"
  debug off
auth.netauth {}

Configuration directives

Syntax: require_group group


Group that entities must posess to be able to use maddy services. This can be used to provide email to just a subset of the entities present in NetAuth.

Syntax debug off
debug on
debug off
Default: off