table.file module builds string-string mapping from a text file.

File is reloaded every 15 seconds if there are any changes (detected using modification time). No changes are applied if file contains syntax errors.


file <file path>


file {
    file <file path>

Usage example:

# Resolve SMTP address aliases using text file mapping.
modify {
    replace_rcpt file /etc/maddy/aliases


Better demonstrated by examples:

# Lines starting with # are ignored.

# And so are lines only with whitespace.

# Whenever 'aaa' is looked up, return 'bbb'
aaa: bbb

    # Trailing and leading whitespace is ignored.
    ccc: ddd

# If there is no colon, the string is translated into ""
# That is, the following line is equivalent to
#   aaa:

# If the same key is used multiple times - table.file will return
# multiple values when queries.
ddd: firstvalue
ddd: secondvalue

# Alternatively, multiple values can be specified
# using a comma. There is no support for escaping
# so you would have to use a different format if you require
# comma-separated values.
ddd: firstvalue, secondvalue