Milter client

The 'milter' implements subset of Sendmail's milter protocol that can be used to integrate external software with maddy. maddy implements version 6 of the protocol, older versions are not supported.

Notable limitations of protocol implementation in maddy include: 1. Changes of envelope sender address are not supported 2. Removal and addition of envelope recipients is not supported 3. Removal and replacement of header fields is not supported 4. Headers fields can be inserted only on top 5. Milter does not receive some "macros" provided by sendmail.

Restrictions 1 and 2 are inherent to the maddy checks interface and cannot be removed without major changes to it. Restrictions 3, 4 and 5 are temporary due to incomplete implementation.

check.milter {
    endpoint <endpoint>
    fail_open false

milter <endpoint>


When defined inline, the first argument specifies endpoint to access milter via. See below.

Configuration directives

endpoint scheme://path

Default: not set

Specifies milter protocol endpoint to use. The endpoit is specified in standard URL-like format: tcp:// or unix:///var/lib/milter/filter.sock

fail_open boolean

Default: false

Toggles behavior on milter I/O errors. If false ("fail closed") - message is rejected with temporary error code. If true ("fail open") - check is skipped.