auth.pam module implements authentication using libpam. Alternatively it can be configured to use helper binary like auth.external module does.

maddy should be built with libpam build tag to use this module without 'use_helper' directive.

go get -tags 'libpam' ...
auth.pam {
    debug no
    use_helper no

Configuration directives

debug boolean

Default: no

Enable verbose logging for all modules. You don't need that unless you are reporting a bug.

use_helper boolean

Default: no

Use LibexecDirectory/maddy-pam-helper instead of directly calling libpam. You need to use that if:

  1. maddy is not compiled with libpam, but maddy-pam-helper is built separately.
  2. maddy is running as an unprivileged user and used PAM configuration requires additional privileges (e.g. when using system accounts).

For 2, you need to make maddy-pam-helper binary setuid, see in source tree for details.

TL;DR (assuming you have the maddy group):

chown root:maddy /usr/lib/maddy/maddy-pam-helper
chmod u+xs,g+x,o-x /usr/lib/maddy/maddy-pam-helper