auth.shadow module implements authentication by reading /etc/shadow. Alternatively it can be configured to use helper binary like auth.external does.

auth.shadow {
    debug no
    use_helper no

Configuration directives

debug boolean

Default: no

Enable verbose logging for all modules. You don't need that unless you are reporting a bug.

use_helper boolean

Default: no

Use LibexecDirectory/maddy-shadow-helper instead of directly reading /etc/shadow. You need to use that if maddy is running as an unprivileged user privileges (e.g. when using system accounts).

You need to make maddy-shadow-helper binary setuid, see cmd/maddy-shadow-helper/README.md in source tree for details.

TL;DR (assuming you have maddy group):

chown root:maddy /usr/lib/maddy/maddy-shadow-helper
chmod u+xs,g+x,o-x /usr/lib/maddy/maddy-shadow-helper