External SMTP server

It is possible to use maddy as an IMAP server only and have it interface with external SMTP server using standard protocols.

Here is the minimal configuration that creates a local IMAP index, credentials database and IMAP endpoint:

# Credentials DB.
table.pass_table local_authdb {
    table sql_table {
        driver sqlite3
        dsn credentials.db
        table_name passwords

# IMAP storage/index.
storage.imapsql local_mailboxes {
    driver sqlite3
    dsn imapsql.db

# IMAP endpoint using these above.
imap tls:// tcp:// {
    auth &local_authdb
    storage &local_mailboxes

To accept local messages from an external SMTP server it is possible to create an LMTP endpoint:

# LMTP endpoint on Unix socket delivering to IMAP storage
# in previous config snippet.
lmtp unix:/run/maddy/lmtp.sock {
    hostname mx.maddy.test

    deliver_to &local_mailboxes

Look up documentation for your SMTP server on how to make it send messages using LMTP to /run/maddy/lmtp.sock.

To handle authentication for Submission (client-server SMTP) SMTP server needs to access credentials database used by maddy. maddy implements server side of Dovecot authentication protocol so you can use it if SMTP server implements "Dovecot SASL" client.

To create a Dovecot-compatible sasld endpoint, add the following configuration block:

# Dovecot-compatible sasld endpoint using data from local_authdb.
dovecot_sasld unix:/run/maddy/auth-client.sock {
    auth &local_authdb