Regexp rewrite table

The 'regexp' module implements table lookups by applying a regular expression to the key value. If it matches - 'replacement' value is returned with $N placeholders being replaced with corresponding capture groups from the match. Otherwise, no value is returned.

The regular expression syntax is the subset of PCRE. See for details.

table.regexp <regexp> [replacement] {
    full_match yes
    case_insensitive yes
    expand_placeholders yes

Note that [replacement] is optional. If it is not included - table.regexp will return the original string, therefore acting as a regexp match check. This can be useful in combination in destination_in for advanced matching:

destination_in regexp ".*-bounce+.*" {

Configuration directives

full_match boolean

Default: yes

Whether to implicitly add start/end anchors to the regular expression. That is, if full_match is yes, then the provided regular expression should match the whole string. With no - partial match is enough.

case_insensitive boolean

Default: yes

Whether to make matching case-insensitive.

expand_placeholders boolean

Default: yes

Replace '$name' and '${name}' in the replacement string with contents of corresponding capture groups from the match.

To insert a literal $ in the output, use $$ in the template.

Identity table (table.identity)

The module 'identity' is a table module that just returns the key looked up.

table.identity { }